an artists' view

an artists' view

Monday, 7 June 2010

Morning Glory Give-away

One project ends, and another one begins!

In the spirit of collaboration, and also thinking about art-work that I can make fairly cheaply, I've been thinking about incorporating some d-i-y punk ideals into my art projects!

I thought it would be interesting to work with plants; and despite choosing Morning Glory seeds to grow (see previous post for how fussy they are!)I'm growing some plants, and will give them away to other people to grow on.

Everyone who takes one will take a photo of the plant all grown up, and I'll put all the photos together in a handmade book.
Everyone who takes part, and provides a photo, will then get a copy of the handmade book!

So far 5 plants have gone out, 9 other people have said 'YES!'.
And 20 seedlings are coming up!
Looks like being a quite substantial book!

The feedback from people has been fantastic.
Lots of keen gardeners wanting to get involved, artists happy to participate, and friends and family who mix up love of art, with love of growing things.
This will take time to proceed.....very much 'time-based art'!

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