an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Felt Making

I went on a workshop to make some felt, the other week. All part of my exploration of textiles. The result was 2 flat pieces of felt, and a 'sausage', which is at the bottom of the picture. The 'sausage' I will cut into slices, and use as small circles of felt.
I made felt, many years ago (too many to remember!) and it was quite an arduous process, using a rolling pin, as I remember!
This workshop seemed much quicker, and easier. Have sheep begun to grow different fleeces these days, I wonder?
I was surprised at how much the wool shrank though! The pieces above are small; for comparison the purple one is 5ins x 6ins; each piece was about twice the size in wool, when I began!
On the textiles course I'm doing, we have 3 weeks to develop our own project. I'd like to do some more felt-making. Be interesting to incorporate the tussah silks into felt, too. We used the tussah silk to make 'silk paper'.

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