an artists' view

an artists' view

Friday, 3 February 2012

Plant Dyed Fabric

Another of my dye-ing experiments.
I love how this has turned out. It's almost an abstract 'painting'! The colours are very sludgy and almost monochrome, the brown giving a subtle addition. I take no ownership of it; the whole dye-ing work I'm doing, is completely experimental. Things come out unexpectedly when I remove them from the dye-bath.
I've just taken out the organic cotton from the onion skin dyebath that's mentioned in an earlier post. Compared with some earlier dyed work, that piece is a very rich colour; which I'd hoped for. 
I think I'm still wrapping the bundles too tightly though. I'm getting a fading of colour of the fabric wrapped in the centre of the bundle, furthest away from the liquid. Haven't cracked that yet. 
Maybe the answer is to leave the fabric loose in the liquid? Hmmmm. That may be my next experiment? Got to save up onion skins again. The land is too bare to go out foraging for potential dye experiments. 


  1. Jan have you seen this website... have been experimenting too we should have a coffee and chat x

    1. I haven't looked at the website, but I will now! Let me know when you're around to meet up; be good to catch up. Haven't bumped into you at Westgate for ages. Jan x


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