an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Kirsty MacColl 1959 - 2000

'One day I'll be waiting there, No empty bench in Soho Square'

Kirsty would've been 53 on 10th October, next Wednesday. And I for one will be raising a glass to celebrate her life.
I was lucky to see her twice; once in St George's Hall, Bradford, where there was no trace of her famous stage-fright. And a second time at Leeds. Where after the gig, we hung around like stage door Johnnies, and managed to get taken into the dressing room, and actually meet and chat to Kirsty.
Well, I say 'chat' fact we stood there gobsmacked, while she kindly tried to talk to us about how we thought the gig had gone, and what had the sound quality been like....She was warm, engaging, very down-to-earth, and 'normal'. Not at all 'starry' or up herself. She was lovely. And everyone who knew her, or worked with her, tell the same story.

Today, friends and family and fans, have visited Soho Square, to celebrate Kirsty's life and music. There is a bench (photo above) with a plaque engraved with the lyrics from her song 'Soho Square', from the album 'Titanic Days'. 

Her albums/CD's have all been remastered, and re-released. So if you've not heard the beauty and wit that is a Kirsty MacColl song, or heard her sing, apart from the 'Fairytale of New York' xmas song with The Pogues, then go out and purchase any, or all of them! You have a treat in store!

I don't normally try to persuade people to buy music, as it's such a personal thing. But Kirsty was wonderful, and I feel cheated that I won't get to hear any more of her songs. She created girl-group choirs out of her voice, overtracked and layered up. A one-woman 'Beach Boys' sound. We miss you Kirsty. Happy Birthday. 


  1. HI Jan, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your congratulations. I am enjoying looking through your blog - I like your taste in music and loved seeing the wonderful Alice Fox installation. Thanks for sharing.

  2. you're welcome Heather. I love looking at your blog too. Your stitching is amazing. I was well impressed by all the books you have on stitches!


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