an artists' view

an artists' view

Thursday, 27 December 2012

moon jellyfish

Tomorrow is the full moon, so to celebrate that, here are some moon jellyfish that I photographed when I visited 'The Deep' in Hull a few weeks ago. They are transparent, and move around the small aquarium by pulsing their mantles. It was amazing watching them.

Today I've visited an exhibition 'Light & Line' at Barnsley Civic. It's a selection of textile artworks by Polly Binns & Anne Morrell. Their work is very subtle. Binns' is a severely limited colour palette, greys, whites, silvers. They are on the edge of existing, and the workings on the back and front of the fabric play with perspective and space. They were mysterious and contemplative as I stood in front of them. They changed as I viewed them close up, and from a distance.
Morrell's work is more densely worked, with hand stitching running across the fabric. She uses a wider variety of colours, though she also uses white and cream thread and fabric. I was particularly taken by the way she uses removed stitches to create 'gaps', and absence/s. Ghost stitches, if you like.
Binns has created work in response to the Norfolk landscape where she lives. She has inspired me to consider how I can begin to work with the landscape I live in; something I've been thinking about for a few years now. 
I think 2013 may be the start of this project.
'Walk; and work', Polly Binns says. An inspiring thought!

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