an artists' view

an artists' view

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

new year's day

To start 2014 I wanted to post these pix of xmas trees; lights; and stars. We're still in the dark of winter, & my tree will remain up till Twelfth Night, the 6th January. Today is a dreary, grey, rainy new year day, and I need all the light I can get!
My tree; complete with cat wassail cup from my childhood Christmases. My mum gave me this, and a few other decorations last winter. They were all old 1960's glass wassail cups, many fractured with age. The ears are a bit broken on this blue & silver cat, but it carries memories of putting the tree up when my family were all living together under one roof.
My niece's xmas tree. Helen and Tim were up for Xmas and we spent the day together, at Rob's (Helen's dad) house. He made us a fabulous dinner. Note the star in the middle of the tree.......
 An excerpt of Paul and Paula's tree; oh look, that same star!
Paula and Ian's tree.....complete with star!
I made lots of these fabric stars for people for xmas, instead of the usual cards. Some of them began life on the tree at Irene's they are in situ on various xmas trees. Brightening the dark MidWinter.
Happy New Year to everyone.


  1. happy new year!
    i like your stars

  2. thank you saskia. Happy new year to you too! X


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