an artists' view

an artists' view

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

20:20 Print Exchange

Wakefield ArtWalk; 26 March 2014
My print is top left; my friend Carrie's print is bottom left. The 3 prints on the left hand side, are mostly relief prints, which is why they look like blank sheets! It was clever display skills to clip tiny bulldog-clips to the prints, and hang them from nails hammered in the boards.
I love this print! Made me laugh out loud! I want one of these! Haven't got the artist's name; I'll try and get it. I hate putting up work unattributed. Bad manners.
This basket was made by Lois Grey. Part of the Visual Impairment Group exhibition at Fell House. I am so impressed by this. Just weaving with thread was difficult enough for me. Lois has used withy/willow; it can be hard on your hands. I wanted to stroke it; but wasn't sure if I'd be reprimanded if I did!
And I met Stuart Maconie! Disc-jockey of Radio 6; I used to listen to him and Mark Radcliff on Radio 2 when their show was on in the evening. I don't get to listen to them as much, now they've moved to an afternoon slot.
Mr Maconie is a very nice man; who happily signed his book 'Cider With Roadie'!

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