an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 7 June 2014


The cob building at Woodcock St allotments. It's roof is made of sedums etc; a living roof.
The rear of the building; I wish my peas and beans looked like that! Slugs have decimated my peas; though the beans are looking better.

Cornflowers and trailing lobelia in a planter mum bought me years ago on one of our visits to local garden centres. I got some flower, herbs, and vegetables. Will be potting up into planters, rather than straight into the soil, to try and deflect the slugs and snails.....hmmmmm....we'll see, won't we?
We are having tremendous downpours of rain. Stair-rods. Then sunshine. Humid. Tropical. Perfect slug weather!


  1. I'm you have an allotment here?
    absolutely adore that roof!

  2. No Saskia, I don't have an allotment; It was their Open Day, and I went and bought some plants as he slugs have chomped up mine! Yes, the roof is wonderful, isn't it? X


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