an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Eyemouth beach-combing

Last weekend I spent the Solstice at Eyemouth in Scotland; at my friend, Paula's place. I spent many happy hours walking on the beach; collecting stones and sea-glass. 
 Treasures; a small handful of sea-glass.....and a stray button........
And even found quite a bit of green sea-glass. I'm thinking of how I can use them in my textile work.......I've passed on 2 pieces to my friend Paul, who has a small drill. At some point he'll drill a hole through each, and I'll make earrings out of them.
Some of the small pebbles I collected. I brought back a big bag of larger stones with me; they're in the garden; waiting for the right place to sit.
I've also noticed that a lot of the photos I'm taking on my phone, have this square (of the photo shape) and the circle within it. I'm considering this. And; I've begun painting again. painting. It's a step forward; I've not painted for three years.

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