an artists' view

an artists' view

Friday, 1 January 2016

turmeric on silk

Happy New Year to 2016
It's been quite a year of transitions, for me. Settling into my new job; making new relationships; getting out and spending more time with people; camping and travelling more; being ill; getting the trees cut back out the front of my garden. 
We had the horrendous floods in Yorkshire over Xmas; though I haven't been personally affected, we were at risk over the xmas weekend. I can only imagine the dreadful conditions people are currently coping with.

I've had some more personal transitions too; it wasn't only the trees that got cut back this year. 
A number of my friends have had a crap year; and so I'm glad to see them through all that. So I'm welcoming 2016; I hope you have a peaceful and love-filled year. I will try my best to! 

The opened bundle. Silk with the turmeric dried on it. I've left it to dry, and settle a while; then I'll iron it, and see if that fixes it. I've not used a mordant at all; it's an experiment. See what happens. I do like the marks made by the binding though; I hope the silk retains that. It may need some overdying at some point though? Have to wait and see. 

 The dried turmeric on the silk, before I opened the bundle.
Letting the silk soak in the turmeric; it's in a cup, so it's only a small bundle of cloth.
The cup with the turmeric mixed in water; I left part of the fabric out of the mixture, to see if I could get a graded colour......because it's yellow, it hasn't got as much contrast as I'd like.


  1. I would be very interested to see how this turns out I haven't dyed with turmeric yet, I don't use mordants apart from soy milk on non protein fabrics.
    It looks fabulous at the moment.
    Hope you are still keeping dry in your house.

  2. Hi Debbie; we escaped the worst of the wetness here; though roads were closed, and the river was very high. Our flod defenses held....thank goodness.
    No I tend not to use much in the way of mordants; like you, soymilk on linen and cotton. I don't know how fugitive the turmeric will be; might have to put some in the light, to see what happens. But I may over-dye it; in which case, that might make it more colour-fast? I's all magical, and mysterious, isn't it! x


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