an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 1 January 2011

'Another year over, and A New One Just Begun....'

Light a light for the New Year!
Last night Jon and I went out up the hill near our house, just before midnight, and watched as the sky filled with fireworks and sky lanterns!
The fireworks were glorious and colourful; intense bursts of light against the black sky. Loud bangs and crashes, deafening us when they exploded nearby.
What awed both of us though, were the sky lanterns! An armada of sky lanterns, flying towards us; past us; beyond us; on into the night.
Wave after wave, they kept coming; from away on the horizon they rose up, and caught the thermals of the city below.
Some came so close we could identify the different colours of their paper balloons; white, red, orange. And a couple flew past with their flame extinguished; just burnt out ghosts of grey, trailing the winds. Pale white globes, still moving, but losing height rapidly.
We returned home to candles and lanterns in the garden, that I'd fired up to welcome in the New Year.

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