an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Dyed Fleece

A small piece of the fleece I got from Islay last summer; dyed with the procion dye from my textiles course.
I have to card it yet; it's dyed patchily, but I think that will be quite effective. It's quite dark; with some lighter areas here and there. 


  1. hi Jan, interesting dye results you have here and on previous posts; I do have some questions: what is procion dye and what do you mean by flour resist?
    I like the look of the Uffington horse piece, although I have no idea how large/small it is.
    And aren't the birds wonderful this time of year; we have a family of great tits and a wren-family fluttering about, making lots of noise, they are careful, however the feed we leave and the fruittrees full of small insects attracts them close to our house, which is a treat.

  2. Hi Saskia; I don't know what procion dye is, but it's a chemical powder, which we use on the textile course I'm attending. It's not very environmentally friendly, which is a shame, but I/we only use very small amounts, usually painted onto fabric. I try to use up the dye I mix up, when possible.
    'Flour Resist' is making a flour and water mix (to the consistency of pouring cream) which I painted onto the fabric. When dry, I painted fabric dye on top of the flour, and the flour 'resists' the dye, leaving the original colour beneath. It crackles very nicely, leaving delicate lines. It's a similar effect to batik, but much more subtle.

    The Uffington Horse piece is small; 40cms wide, and 29cms high. Thank you; I like it too. Though I take no credit for it! The felt just emerged like that! I chose the colours of the wool, but other than that, it was completely down to the lovely natural fleece!

  3. that flour resist technique sounds promising, I will try it! thanks for the explanation.....hey, choosing the colours most certainly amounts to a lot


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