an artists' view

an artists' view

Friday, 30 November 2012

Avocado Compost Dye-ing!

Compost Dye-ing!
SLOW DYE-ING! This avocado has been 'wrapped' around a piece of fabric, and put into my compost bin for the last 3 months. Today, I hoiked it out, to have a looksee. I think I would have left it for longer. But for a first tryout, I'm happy with it. There are lots of brown/black marks; it's more a mark-making result than a dyed fabric.
This is a wet close-up of the fabric as it was drying on the line. The vivid blue colour has faded; there are some holes, which gives it a nice texture; the brown marks are quite subtle.


  1. it is very subtle....almost not noticable! i'll probably do some embellishment on it at some future point. thanks for your comment saskia.


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