an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 25 November 2012


The exhibition is up!
Jill and I went up to Westgate Studios yesterday, and put all our felt and textile pieces up in the Project Space.
Above you can see 3 of my felt pieces (right), and 3 of Jill's felt and wood pieces (left).

Jill has also made leaves from felt, which hang in the window space. Above is a photo of them displayed, and below is a close-up of one. You can just make out the way that the leaves cast shadows onto the window blind! Lovely.

Below is my fabric piece 'Palimsest', which I've shown earlier in this blog. 
But with a bit of photo-shopping, I've managed to get the whole piece into one photograph.

We worked really hard to put it together yesterday; and I came home ready for a relaxing evening. It's that moment of calm when there's nothing else to do, but just wait for Wednesday, and welcome in the visitors.


  1. congratulations on this exhibit!
    It looks fabulous - and a reward in itself, I am sure, to see it all together.

  2. thank you Judy. Yes; when you see a group of your artworks gathered in one place, you begin to look at them differently. The connections are more noticeable; or are absent. It's been fascinating to see my work with Jill's.
    With no real pre-planning, the works have resonated between one another. Created their own connections.

  3. Hi Jan, how did it all go on wednesday?
    I like how the different pieces combine/connect, the way it all 'hangs together'

  4. Thanks saskia. Yes, it's been a surprise to both Jill and I, to see how well the work fitted together! It went really well. Though as always, I was tired by the end of the evening. It's all come down now; and brought home.


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