an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Long Division - Wakefield

'A Maze for Yorkshire' - at the Orangery
Though it sounds like a maths test, 'Long Division' is in fact a music festival held in Wakefield city centre.
I spent yesterday walking from venue to venue, listening to bands I'd never heard of, let alone heard their music! But it was fascinating, and great fun, and the music I heard was wonderful.
The venues included The Hop, Wakefield Theatre Royal, The Orangery, Warehouse 23, a nightclub, and Velvet, a small bar.
The other venue was Drury Lane Library; the old Carnegie library, which has been closed since we had our spanking new library opened last autumn. The Arthouse, of which I'm a member, is taking over the building, and has got funding to turn it into artists studios.
So this was a one-off opportunity to include the building as part of the activities.
 Inside Drury Lane Library
 Some of the lovely fixtures & fittings
 Outside; the back wall. Complete with, I think, a kestrel?
The bands I particularly enjoyed were Dead Flowers; Maia; Post War Glamour Girls; The Wave Pictures; Jeffery Lewis & Peter Stampfel.
There were others I'd have liked to go see, but either they clashed with those above, or the venues were rammed solid!
Today there's some films on, up at Drury Lane Library; 'Sound It Out', about the last surviving independent record shop on Teeside; and 'Searching for Sugarman', a documentary about musician Sixto Rodriguez.
No photos for this; I used my phone, but the quality was rubbish; and it's always hard to get a good photo at a live gig. I'm not really a 'people' photographer; they tend not to stay still for long enough! 


  1. i would love to see any pix you got of the wave pictures, no matter the quality.

  2. Hi Laura, sorry I didn't get any fotos of the wave pictures! I'd put me fone away, and decided to concentrate on me ears, rather than me eyes! I very much enjoyed them though; particularly the song where they were joined by the young lady from 'Allo Darlin'. She has a beautiful voice. Did you have a good time?


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