an artists' view

an artists' view

Friday, 14 June 2013


Things are shifting here. I have a new pooter.
This is so exciting for me, as I have never had a new computer! However....the impact of this, is that I have to copy everything from my old pooter (the one that has been switching itself off and on, randomly!) onto the back-up drive, then transfer it onto this.
Not done this before, so it's a bit of an experiment. Meantime, I may be more randomly 'here' than before, while I sort everything out. My experience of pooters and IT is that nothing is ever as straightforward as one expects! I'm anticipating problems!
Happy days everyone!
Here is a photo of the wondrous light fitting in The Orangery in Wakefield, as taken on my fone when I went to the Long Division festival. Natural light flooding into the room; no need for the electric lights switching on. A lovely summer afternoon.


  1. thanks Saskia. I suspect I may need the luck!


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