an artists' view

an artists' view

Monday, 23 September 2013


Entrances. Exits.
Passageways between one place and another.
I seem to be experiencing many transitions at present. Transitions of people. People leaving. 

I went to the funeral today of Ann, my friend of many years.
We did so much together; went to gigs, exhibitions, walks, food. We shared books, ideas, music. Put the world to rights so many, many times. We laughed. God, how much we laughed!
We were there for each other for so many events in our lives. Bereavements; relationship breakdowns; work; and fun. We had such a lot of fun in the years we knew each other. And it was a lot of years.
Ann was brave. She lived life fully. She wanted the world to be a better place. She worked on that through her work in the union movement, and in her voluntary activities, for Citizens Advice amongst others. We were in a women's peace group together, back in the 80's.
Ann travelled the world on her own, and with others. When she got her free bus pass, she went all over on the buses, on her own...and with others. She was kind. She was clever. She knew what was important in life. She kept friendships going for years. It was wonderful to see so many friends of hers at the funeral, going right back to when she was 4!
Ann was loyal. She knew we all had problems in our lives, and she didn't judge, or hold things against anyone. She knew we were all weak, and made mistakes. She forgave.
She called a spade a bloody shovel; you knew where you stood with her! I miss her terribly. We all will miss her so very, very much.
The world was such a brighter, better place for Ann being in it.
All I can do is to light a candle against the darkness that her death has brought.   

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