an artists' view

an artists' view

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

dye-ing with rust & woad

This picture above was the result of wrapping fabric around a very rusted pole that's in the garden. It's not fit for anything, so I thought I'd experiment with putting a piece of old sheet around it. I also put some leaves on the inside, to see if that would make any difference. You can see the black marks on the fabric, from the rotting leaves!
I've been trying to keep the fabric damp/wet, by pouring water from the rain buttes over it, but it has had long periods of completely drying out; especially in this exceptionally dry, and sunny summer. One of the results of this wetting and drying, is that the fabric is pretty fragile in parts; there are some holes, and it's susceptible to ripping easily. I'll see how that works once I begin using it.
The fabric wrapped around the rusty pole.
And yesterday I popped the fabric into the remnants of the Woad dye-bath. It's not very active, as the weather is cooling, and I've put a few pieces in now, so the blue is coming out paler and paler. Still getting something though. I've left it dripping (and stinking!) in the garden. Then to dry it, and rinse it out, to see the result. I could simply pop it into the dye-bath again!
I got a small child's bridesmaid dress from a second-hand shop whilst in Eyemouth, back in August. It's silk; second-hand; pale peach colour. And a piece has gone into the woad dye-bath. See what happens there.
AND! -  my call-out for WALNUTS has 'borne fruit'
I've started going to an informal textile group on Mondays. Feel it's time for me to start getting out and socialising, and being out in the world more. One of the women from the group has just phoned me, and offered me a bag of walnuts! So; the alchemical kitchen will crank up soon, once more!

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