an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 15 March 2014

pomegranate dye #1

So last week I boiled up the pomegranate, and dyed some silk, and some cotton fabric in the resulting slush! Here are the results from the cotton;
 The cotton, wet, from the dye-pot, laid out on my patio. The cotton had been pre-mordanted by soaking it in soya-milk. I folded this fabric into a square, and held it together with clamps

 Still wet, and nice and shiney!
 After drying, this is how it looks; the fabric has lightened as it's dried, which always happens. The white 'squares' come from the clamps. There's a nice black edging to them, where the metal has had some chemical effect. The range of colours is lovely, and really surprising. Black, creams, greys, and browns. The browns look as though I've been rust dyeing.
Above; a close-up of the squares made by the metal clamps.
You can see the black edging, but the photo's not very good otherwise.


  1. What amazing results, I used silk so didn't need to pre mordant but my colours were deep yellows, hinting at brown. I guess wither the pot, clamps or water must have effected your colours.

  2. Thanks Debbie. Look at the next post. It has the silk shirt I dyed in the same pot. Didn't pre-mordant that as I did with the cotton. But I'm really happy with these results on the cotton. India Flint is right about the different water though, I'm sure. And you're right, pots and clamps will all have an effect.


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