an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 16 March 2014

pomegranate dye #2

 A cut-up silk shirt; dyed with pomegranate.
No pre-mordant.
Painted with marks made by brushing whisked egg onto it.
 Out of the dye-pot, and onto the patio to be photographed; the silk still wet.
 The silk shirt dried. The colour is lightened again, as always.
Here you can see the brush marks made by painting egg onto the fabric.
The close-up shows some of the brush marks made by egg.
It's had the effect of darkening the pomegranate dye.


  1. Thats beautiful, I like the colour mine turned out but I would love to achieve your colours as well, I think we have a lot of iron in our water as it turns the bathroom grouting orange if you don't scrub it regularly.

  2. hey, what a surprising result; my pomegranate dyes have always turned the fabrics yellow/golden, is it the water?

  3. Well I used rainwater collected in my water-butt, so I don't know what effect that's had. I did leave the fabrics in a long time, to try and get a darker colour; that may have had something to do with it? And I used an enamel pot; again, don't know what that will do to it. Apparently egg has sulphur in it, so that might have affected the parts where I painted egg onto the fabric. But it all seems pretty unpredictable to me, this plant dyeing. My colours do seem to come out browner/darker than many other people's.

    1. well using rainwater is definitely something I'll attempt, plus I have this zinc vat which is rusty, so that will possibly influence the end result......anyway there is still so much to learn about dyeing isn't there.


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