an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 17 May 2014

tree dressing

Yesterday I went out with my friends, Gail and Emma, to some local woods, where we did some simple tree dressing. Gail and Emma had been on a day workshop a few weeks earlier, and thought they'd like to do something creative in the countryside. They invited me; so I did a quick stitched piece that included a heart-shape (seems to be my current theme!) and decided to include an acrostic poem; one which spells out a word made from the beginning letters of each line). 
 Here's the oak tree I attached both pieces to; either side of the trunk.
Last winter I made lots of these small fabric decorations, instead of xmas cards, for friends and family. I have some left, so thought it would be nice to take one for this outing. After all, they were designed for (xmas) trees!
 Gail did this; tissue and flour and water glue; TRUST.
 Emma took a simple and effective red ribbon. Tucked away, discreet.
And this is the landscape I visisted on Wednesday, when I went on a 'Wild Drugs' walk with Sue Salmon, a medical herbalist. She talked about the many different herbs and plants which grew wild, that could help to heal us. We've been using them for millennia; so they work very well with our bodies. They are compatible with us. Some of the plants she mentioned, nettle, plantain, dandelion, all grow in my garden. I was moved to consider using them. So if anyone complains about the weeds in my garden, I shall explain I am cultivating them for a purpose!


  1. What a beautiful idea - tree dressing. Kinder and gentler than yarn bombing.

  2. Cheers. I'd like to go back and see the dressings; in all this rain, I bet they're really bedraggled.....which I like. Part of their decomposition, and fugitive nature.


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