an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 17 August 2014

What July brought.....

My niece, Helen, married Tim. Emotions ran high. We toasted Pam, her mum, my sister, who died in 1998. Helen looked beautiful; it was a fabulous day. We all cried! It was a wedding!
 I visited Sharon, my friend from art college days, who now lives in Milton Keynes. We visited the 'Breathing Room'.....and it really did 'breathe'!
Spookily so.
Sharon and I went to London for the day, to visit Tate Britain, to see the Folk Art exhibition. We were both slightly underwhelmed. The exhibits were fascinating; but they lacked any real context. It felt that it didn't live up to the promise. Ah well, glad I went.
And now; August. The evenings seem to be drawing in. Getting darker, earlier.
And tomorrow I'm away to Wales.
Spend some time beside the sea; spend some time in good company; spend some time in my camper, in a field. And ponder the future.
July has been a very intense month. A rollercoaster of emotions. Big changes.
It will be great to simply be.

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