an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Hymnal 1

Here are 3 of Kat's paintings.

Hymnal was visited by 87 people, during the May Artwalk in Wakefield.
8 artists exhibited their paintings, and paintings and artist cards were for sale during the evening.
There was lots of interest shown in the paintings, and many cards were sold.
I had printed out a sheet with the contact details of all the artists, and these proved very popular with visitors.

The Chapel was a fantastic place to exhibit. The windows, some stained glass, some plain, lit the space beautifully, and it was as if the colour from the glass was flooding the chapel. The paintings washed over the brown oak pews, lightening them.
The Chapel glowed with the artworks.
It is amazing what a difference the paintings made to the spacial sense of the Chapel.
Colour can change spaces and buildings, profoundly.

Visitors to Hymnal who then went onto Harry's Bar, commented positively on the venue, and the artwork, as well as the music I had provided to create 'atmosphere'. Everyone enjoyed themselves, and loved having a chance to take a peek into the Chapel.
Kate Taylor, the Chapel Secretary, said she was pleased with the success of the evening, and would like me to do something again in the future!

For those interested, the music included; Goldfrapp; The Unthanks; Panda Bear; Gather In The Mushrooms compilation; Lord Buckley.

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