an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Woodcarving course at YSP; Day 5

Day 5
Well the 5 days are over.....though not the work!
I brought home the spiral that I was carving, and have some more work to do on it before it's completed.

Today I spent the final session on the pole-lathe, turning a spoon!
In cedarwood.
It was a gorgeous hot and sunny day, and we had lots of onlookers visiting YSP and standing watching us carving away. This must be what the monkeys feel like in the zoo!

I have had an extremely tiring 5 days, but feel that I've achieved a lot.
One unfinished beech carving, and an almost completed spoon may not seem like much, but for someone whose background was spent ignorant of toolboxes and fuses were changed by using a knife to loosen screws, I think I've covered quite a lot of ground!

I shall get the photos downloaded, and put up on here, when I've got more time.

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