an artists' view

an artists' view

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Woodcarving Course at YSP; Day 2

Day 2 of carving the beech.

It is beginning to take form; I've carved deeper into the wood, where the groove is, that indicates the uprising spiral.
I've worked on the chisel marks too, to emphasise the corkscrew twist that's already evident in the wood. At the tip is a broken and frayed section of wood, which I'm endeavouring to keep. There are also some knots, which create features in the beech; I'm trying not to carve out both these aspects.
I realised that the spiral was too flat on one side; so I need to carve away much more of the wood. But very slowly, the shape is beginning to emerge.
I'm beginning to see where the cuts need to made deeper, and where the rise of the wood needs to be kept.

The beech is a very white wood currently; the gouges I've made have a look of feathers on an owl, or a hawk. I'm beginning to be very aware of the marks I'm making on the wood, with the chisel/s.

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