an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 15 January 2012


The onion skins dye-pot.
In which I have 2 bundles, and one chunk of sheep-fleece immersed. The colour that has come from the onion skins, is a lovely orange; so I'm feeling very hopeful of the results.

Yesterday we went to Leeds, and visited the Art Gallery, where there is an exhibition at the Henry Moore Institute, called 'United Enemies', subtitled 'The problem of sculpture in Britain in the 1960's and 1970's'. I enjoyed the exhibition; and came out smiling. 

There's also an exhibition of Sheila Cluett sculptures, which is taken from the Henry Moore collection, who have just acquired Cluett's archives.
I was very taken by Cluett's work. The drawings were exquisite; light, delicate, flexible, and flexing, expressing subtlety and either motion, or stillness. The pencil drawings were almost architectural - often depicting designs for installations within rooms, or without-side in the natural world. They were economical, expressive, and clean. Her pastel drawings were expressive, and successful in capturing the essential qualities of line, and shape.
Her sculptures on show at Leeds were structures rising from the floor, and leaning, finely balanced against the walls. They are lit mostly from above, and so shadows are cast against the white walls, adding depth, and space to them.
Although the sculptures are quite simple in the first place, once I looked at them more carefully, I began to appreciate the complexity of them. They are tall, bound structures, standing on one point, finely balanced. Made up of various materials, including wood, wax, rope, wire, bamboo, plaster, resin, and metals. Some are straight, like 'arrow-shafts'. Others incorporate curves, curls, circles and spirals. I haven't done justice to the beauty of her sculptures; so all I can say is, go to the gallery, and see them for yourselves. The exhibition is on till 11 March 2012; and there is a gallery discussion on Wednesday 22 February, which I'm hoping to go to.

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