an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Journey Through the Past; Core Sampler

So at last 'Journey Through the Past; Core Sampler' is finished. It's taken me a long,long time to complete it. The starting point for me, was visiting York Art Gallery, and seeing the exhibition there of Sashiko sewing. It inspired me to think about using fabric, sewing, stitching, and textiles as a medium for artwork. Initially it was the idea of creating 3 dimensional work using textiles and stitch; and I've not really followed up on that idea at all!
Instead I got started on this massive piece; it stands approximately 5 feet high, and approx 2.5 feet wide. And incorporates; hand stitching, transfers, hand painting, machine stitch, hand-dyed fabric, embroidery, silk-paper making. It's been a real 'Journey' for me. 

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