an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Day

Happy New Year!
Jon made this lovely wreath for us this year; very 'holly and Ivy', with lots of berries. Evergreens the symbol of life in the depths of winter. 
I'm currently reading Richard Mabey's  book, 'Weeds'. And on page 192 he asks the question, 'what are weeds for?' The answer comes in his following sentence;
'I have not seen three-quarters of these species, (of moths) but the list of moths that feeds on that governmentally scheduled weed, the dock, reads like a found poem:
bearded chestnut, black rustic, blood-vein, brown-spot pinion, chestnut, common marbled carpet, cream wave, dark-barred twin-spot carpet, dark chestnut, feathered ranunculus, garden tiger, gem, green arches, grey chi, Isle of Wight wave, large ranunculus, large twin-spot carpet, Lewes wave, mottled beauty, muslin moth, nutmeg, pale pinion Portland ribbon wave, red sword-grass, riband wave, ruby tiger, satin wave, striped hawk-moth, sword-grass, twin-spot carpet, white-marked, wood tiger, yellow shell.'

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