an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Fossil & Printing

We've been doing some stencil printing on the Textile course. 
My original drawing was from an image of a fossil tree; the lepidodendren which formed the basis of the coal measures.
This print was from an acetate sheet, which I burnt through using my soldering iron (for textiles). It's black paint, onto cotton. And as yet, I'm not sure what the next stage will be. But that's fine; like a lot of the pieces I'm making, I will let it settle, and see what emerges.
I've made a number of these prints, on different fabrics; to see what I can do with them. Overlays (!) and stitching I suspect?

Here at home there's lots of work going on; the roof of the garage needs replacing, so I have lots of clearing out to do, to make it ready for the builder. And I'm having some of the garage converted into a workspace, so I can have a home-based studio to work in. Exciting, and daunting at the same time!


  1. your own workspace at home, that is good news!
    I like the look of this print, although I don't fully understand the technique.

  2. hmmmm....not sure if this will make it any clearer; but I'll try.
    First I drew the image onto an acetate sheet; then using a soldering iron (for use with fabrics) I burnt through the lines. Using a stencil brush and fabric paint, I dabbed the paint through the burnt holes, onto the fabric placed underneath. It's a stencil print really. Does that help explain? Jan


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