an artists' view

an artists' view

Monday, 18 June 2012

Rust Dye-ing

Rust printing; well it's certainly a revelation! I didn't quite expect this. 
I wrapped some crochet thread around the linen which was wrapped around the tin can. The white circle is from the top of the tin can, on which I placed a ring-pull lid. I expected some colouring to develop there. But it gives an effective contrast to the patterned areas.  

A close up of the linen; hanging on the line, drying in the sun (yes! it's been sunny today!). The sunlight behind the fabric.
And wrapped around the can, the linen  looked like this. The can is nicely rusted now, so it's ready to have another piece of fabric experiemented on! 


  1. yeah! I'm very pleased with this. The next one will have tea-bags in it; see how that affects the colour/s.

  2. Hi, I was jus wondering what you used for the rust to print? Was it vinegar?


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