an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 24 June 2012

subversive stitch

So up I went; up into my loft, to seek out this 'seminal text', from 1984. I thought, as I'm doing so much textile work at the moment, I should go and re-read this feminist classic.
And somewhere in my boxes I have a poster from Barnsley Cooper art gallery, where they held an exhibition of the same title. I didn't see the exhibition, but was given the poster a few years ago when I worked in Barnsley.
When my garage studio is completed, I'll dig that out, and put it proudly on the pristine walls! It feels good to consider what I'm doing as subversive!
Sadly Rozsika Parker died last year.  


  1. hey, this sounds like a very interesting read....

  2. Hey listen to this; Parker quotes Freud, 'Freud was to decide that constant needlework was one of the factors that 'rendered women particularly prone to hysteria' because day-dreaming over embroidery induced 'dispositional hypnoid states' .'
    D'ya think that's why we're all so keen on sewing????? Hahahah! Bring on those states!

  3. this Freud guy must really have come from Mars...........


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