an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Alkborough Labyrinth

Alkborough is a village on the edges of the River Humber, in north Lincolnshire. It's famous for having a turf labyrinth.
I've visited a number of times; in bitter cold winter, where we walked the labyrinth slipping and sliding on the icy surface; in summer, many years ago; and at the end of the summer, where I took photos, and a ladder, so I could take photos from above!
Below is one of the photos I took from the labyrinth in the village; overlooking the confluence of 3 rivers. Beyond the labyrinth, is the floodplain, the wetlands, and the rivers. 
It's one of those wonderful liminal places that I love to visit. It's possible to walk along a footpath from the labyrinth, with the rivers down on the plain, and ponder how many ancient people have also travelled the path. It's an ancient track, amongst trees. And eventually we came to the small well. Water everywhere here; even high above the 3 rivers.
Alkborough celebrates its turf labyrinth by these blue plaques at the entrances to the village. They'd make wonderful rubbings! I'll go back for another visit, and take paper, and graphite pencils, and make rubbings.

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