an artists' view

an artists' view

Friday, 8 February 2013


2011, and I attended a workshop at the Arthouse where we learned collography printing. I'd never heard of it before, so was intrigued. This was the result.
We made collages using paper and fabrics glued onto thick card, and then painted it with varnish.
Once dry, we inked up the resulting printing plate, and passed it through the press.
At Harrogate last November, I bought a book by Val Holmes, entitled 'Collage, Stitch, Print'. The strands were coming together. I'd had a practice; here was a book with lots of ideas for developing ideas from that session. 
So; I recently collected a discarded drinks can (Holmes recommends alchohol tins, saying the metal is of a finer quality) and began using it as a 'plate', and glueing textures onto it.
It currently sits in the studio, awaiting more work doing on it. It's fun; working out how things might look in mirror-image; trying to make a collage with no real sense of how the materials will react once they're inked up.
Experiments; playing. 
I made a piece of white felt in my textiles course. It's hanging on the studio wall, waiting for the right plate to print onto it. It might not be this one! But it's fun imagining it might be!

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