an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 2 February 2013


Two weeks ago I went on a bookbinding course at the Arthouse, Wakefield. We got 2 books made; a section bound book, and a concertina book. The concertina book is the smaller, square one; in the photo below you can see how it unfolds.
It's a long time since I made books.
I used to teach bookbinding sessions when I worked in further education colleges. They were always fun...for me, anyway!
It was just great to sit and make 2 books, and come away with everything completed. Bliss. And as I've written here before, I love art materials, and sketchbooks. So the thought of having a brand new book to work in, that I've made, is very pleasing! 


  1. oh these are great!
    I 've never been on a course or anything, but have made my own books, improvising.
    yes, I can imagine how happy you must be with your work

  2. thanks saskia. Yeah I'm pleased with them. Looking forward to using them.


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