an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Miss Haversham? silk?

Yes, silk.
A whole dress full of it. A whole wedding dress full of it! A LOT of silk!
I hung it from the garden whirlygig, to capture as much of it as I could. It looked like a sad Miss Haversham, desolate in her jilted-ness!
My friend Berenice found me a (very!) cheap silk wedding dress on ebay, and got it for me. Hurray for friends like Bea!
So I'm cutting it up (actually, a very therapeutic actitvity!), and starting to dye it.
Not only are pieces dunked into plant dye, I've also got silk bits dyed from my Textiles class, using procian dyes. I wrapped a piece of silk around tea-bags, and got a gorgeous pale gold colour, plus the pattern made from the tea-bags.
There seems to be a lot to catch up with, and update here! And I have to download a lot of photos I've been taking, too, so I can illustrate my posts.

I've been offline for a while now as my pooter went off to be fixed. I'm not entirely sure if it's been a successful fix, but I have contingency plans in case it's terminal. However, while pooter is back, I'm seeing how it goes, and trying to continue blogging. X my fingers! 

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