an artists' view

an artists' view

Monday, 1 April 2013


Sewing threads; 'pure silk' it says on the box.
Gifted to me by my friend Berenice.
 One of these rolls has been dropped into the sycamore dye-pot I've started. I'll see what changes that makes to the colour.
I don't often work with silk; so far I've used cotton/linen mixes of fabrics. I decided I wouldn't use new silk, but that second hand would be ok. So on that basis, I can use the silk gifted to me.
And above, is a selection of fabrics gifted to me by Lynn, who's on the same textiles course as me. A mix of natural and man-made fibres. Some cottons, linens, and a few bits of silk......once more, the type of silk I can use. I've got one of the silk pieces in my rust-dye-bath. A tin can, with fabric wrapped around it! The silk in the sycamore dye-pot comes from this collection. 


  1. wow, what a precious gift, lucky you;-)

  2. yes, I'm being given lots of gifts at present! I am indeed a lucky girl!


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