an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 2 November 2013

compost dyeing; avocado

The whole piece of silk; wrapped around the stone of the avocado, then placed inside the 2 halves of the skin and tied, then popped into the compost bin this summer. 
 Detail of the piece of silk that was closest to the composting material.
Close up of the silk that was wrapped furthest inside the avocado skin. Who would've thought I'd get such lovely delicate shades of yellow! The silk is still wet, from the rinsing, and has dried a bit paler.  A lovely surprise. The summer has been very hot and sunny, so the compost has been particularly active. I think I'd like to fold and tie up some fabric, and place it into the compost just as it is, to see what patterns emerge. Will consider that for next summer.
Meantime; myself, brother-in-law and niece have been to St Helen's church to the service for All Soul's Day, in remembrance of those who have died. I called up at the cemetery after, to put some flowers on the grave where mum's ashes are. It's a wild and wuthering day; windy, wet, and cold. Winter is a-coming in.

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