an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 17 November 2013

stitching & Klee

As I've got more sorted with the decorating, I've managed to create enough space in the spare room to get out the sewing machine, kindly lent to me by Berenice. So I've been playing with it, trying out some different stitches. My old workhorse machine, from mum, only does plain running stitch, so using Bea's Brother (?) is quite a step forward. Mindst you, coming to terms with the fiddly technology of 'lower bobbins'....what I refer to as the 'shuttle' with mum's machine! quite daunting. After trying to change the thread on the 'lower bobbin' and failing dramatically, I had to go and have a cuppa and some food. Upon my return, all went well!
I've been making some xmas decorations for a craft stall I'm having in early December.
Klee 'Clarification' 1932; Oil on canvas; 70.5 x 96.2
Another loan, from Helen, is the Paul Klee catalogue from the current Tate exhibition. I was struck by this painting, the way the marks are like stitches. Below is a close-up to show the effect more clearly. The image in the catalogue isn't as pink as shown above; I was photographing in less light than was appropriate. 
I'm not a massive Klee fan. But his story is a powerful one. His involvement with the Bauhaus, and leaving Germany as the Nazi's took power and changed the cultural agenda. He is part of world history, as well as art history. 
And the news has just told us that Doris Lessing has died.
Weird co-incidence; as I was in the loft clearing stuff away last week, I went through my boxes of books to get out my ancient copy of 'The Golden Notebook', thinking I'd like to re-read it. And Pauline lent me her copy of 'The Grass is Singing', which is on my pile to read. Again, a re-reading. And usually I'm not one who goes back to books these days, feeling that time isn't on my side to get through all the books I want to read! Exceptions are made, occasionally. And Lessing was an exceptional writer. Perhaps I'll open those pages tonight?


  1. Oh wow I want to immediately go and sew this piece, I am hoping to see the Klee exhibition in January, I am a fan of his work a lot of it is very funny. I went years ago with my Mum to the Hayward to see an exhibition of his and we had a great laugh receiving lots of black looks from other visitors, I don't know how they could miss the humour.
    I am also a fan of Doris lessing though I haven't read any of her work for an age.

  2. Yeah it does have that feel to immediately want to go make it with stitches. Hope you enjoy the exhibition. And Lessing, despite the immense reputation she has, is actually an 'easy' writer to read, I find. Just started Golden Notebook again. Bang...straight into it!


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