an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 24 November 2013


This is a strange photo. You might not think it, looking at it; it's a pretty straightforward photo of the sky and clouds. Nowt special.
But for the fact that I have no memory of taking it; the mobile phone took the photo itself! Very weird!
Meantime, out of the world of spookiness, I've been stitching on Berenice's Brother (which always makes me laugh like a drain!) and creating wee xmas decorations for the craft stall I'm having at the start of December. I'm also making some as presents; Shannon asked me to make one for her niece, Josie, who is only a baby...Josie's first xmas! So I've done that.
And I've been invited to exhibit some work at Harry's Bar for the Artwalk next week. I've dropped a couple of pieces off; they can then choose which they want to hang. It's the first time I've exhibited anything since November 2012. Things have been....well, complicated. I've not painted since last September. And partly that was because I was concentrating on completing my City & Guilds course in Textiles. And partly realising that I haven't got the resources to set about painting just yet. My painting mojo has gone away for awhile. But she'll return. I just have to give myself time. So this tiny project of fabric xmas decorations is fine. It's about all I can manage at present. One day at a time; one stitich at a time.

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