an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 9 February 2014

hives & homes

Hives in the darkening dusk.
Out with Pauline, I visited her friend who keeps bees. His garden is a large rambling Victorian one, with lots of overgrown corners...trees, and bushes. Perfect bee country. Though currently they're (sensibly!) tucked up in their hives, overwintering. Pauline has invited me over when the bees are out and about, making honey, living their bee lives. She has a bee-suit (!) she says she'll lend me. I am fascinated by bees. Like many other creatures they are increasingly under threat. I've never come near hives. The bees I've met have all been those in my garden, or the gardens of other people.
A single hive; a single birdbox.
Homes for our fellow creatures with whom we share the planet. I've got 2 birdboxes up here at home; one outside my living-room window (better than the telly!) and one I've moved from beside the compost bins (too accessible for the cats!) to hang outside the studio. This third one, fell out of the tree last year. It needs fixing onto the tree more securely; so my job is to put it up again, out of cat-range, and with no worry about it falling off.  
With this!
My new drill! I've drilled some holes in the back of the birdbox, so I can slip some wire/rubber ties through, then attach it to the tree.
I came to the conclusion that being without a drill was a poor imitation of an artist! I've borrowed power tools before, seen them used, and used them, but never had my own.
I want to complete a piece, 'WoodBook', I've had hanging around for ages now, but I need a drill for that. About time I had my own, at my age. So; I'm acquiring technology.
Beware middle aged women with power tools!

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