an artists' view

an artists' view

Monday, 5 July 2010

Morning Glory Give-Away update

The latest news is that 21 Morning Glory Plants have been passed onto gardeners/artists.
Out of this, 14 have so far survived the predations of SLUGS!!!!

I have 2 plants left which are recovering from the hungry chomping of slugs. So they'll remain here, and I'll plant them out in my garden, when they get a bit bigger.

I've handed out advice about the plants, suggesting that eggshells, sharp sand, organic/harmless slug pellets be spread on the ground around the Morning Glory plants.
Cut down plastic drinks bottles placed around the plants, to stop slugs getting to the plants, is another way of protecting them.

I've done a rough draft of how I want the page/s to look, so just got to do that on the computer. And do some more work on the cover and the back of the book.

'Morning Glory (IPOMOEA) flowers last only one day, but are borne continually, so there is the pleasure of being able to see new flowers open each morning. The foliage is not particularly dense which means Morning Glory is not an effective screening plant. Treat it as a decorative guest, not a workhorse.'

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