an artists' view

an artists' view

Monday, 19 July 2010

Personal Artwork with Marion Michell and Carrie Scott-Huby

On Saturday I went to the Arthouse for a workshop with Marion Michell and Carrie Scott-Huby, called 'The Personal Artwork'.

Carrie had brought along some folded and sculpted brown paper 'Mantles', which caused me to think for a few moments.
I'd seen some photos of the Pace Egg plays at Hebden Bridge (?) and been really taken by the cloak/s made for one of the characters to wear. This was made out of strips of newspaper, and it occurred to me then that a coat like that would be fantastic......though I did wonder if it would be very heavy to actually wear!

I decided to use this workshop to make a mantle using strips of newspaper, and some coloured tissue strips mixed in. When I finished, it looked more like a neckpiece as worn by Egyptians, or South American Aztecs! Which also set a lot of thoughts running for me!

It was good to make a piece of work in one session/day, rather than spend days/weeks/months hard at work on a painting or knitting, which is my usual working practise.

There was some lovely objects made by everyone; I did take some photos, so when I get them onto the compooter, I'll try to get them uploaded.

I also took a couple of photos of Marion's croched work which is currently on show in the exhibition space at the Arthouse.
Don't be put off by that sentence. She is very inspired by fairy tales, and personal memories of childhood, and the work reflects these concerns.
She has croched a set of 'Hair Dresses'....say it quickly!....using hair extention pieces from a hair dressers in London. They look very strange, like doll's dresses, hung on the walls. And are very hairy...obviously.

Reminded me of the film 'The Company of Wolves', from the book by Angela Carter, where the very charming wolf says to Red Riding Hood, that 'Some wolves are hairy on the outside, and some are hairy on the inside'; i.e. their wolf-ishness is hidden from sight.

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