an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sashiko Stitches

Here is the completed Sashiko stitched piece!
It is now sewn onto the larger piece of calico, which is the 'Journey Through The Past' Core Sampler.
I was told recently that this running stitch, which is known as 'Sashiko' in Japan, is also used in India.
In Bangladesh 'aunties' fold last season's saris and stitch through them to make blankets. In the East of India it is called KANATHA, and in the West GANDRI.
My friend Berenice gave me a leather glove, to cut out the fingers and use to protect my fingers with all this sewing I'm doing. It looked rather sinister sitting in my pigeon-hole at the studios, where she left it for me to collect; but then single black leather gloves can look quite sinister!
I've hand-painted the larger calico background fabric; which has changed the look of the work.
More sewing to do on it, but I hope to be able to use Irene's sewing machine (now mine!) to do this. It should help me to crack on with it a lot faster.

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