an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 28 April 2012


Last year, I worked with a group to create hand-made bags. They were quite simple tote bags. We didn't have the space or time to do anything more complicated than that.
This was the one I made; I usually like to make the 'thing' that is being created in a workshop, whether that be books or bags. It gives me the opportunity to show different techniques, and use my object, as the 'sample'. After we'd made, and pinned the basic shapes of the bags, some people took theirs home to complete. Others, who didn't have access to sewing machines, gave them to me, and I sewed them all together.

I had a white cotton canvas tote bag, which I took home, and in typical artist fashion, painted! I was inspired by Peter Randall-Page's sculptures from an earlier exhibition at the YSP.   

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