an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 21 April 2012

the slits, and other stories.......

As part of a big clearing out here, I came upon this old badge from when I saw the Slits, way back in 1979! I think the silhouettes were taken from the 'famous' (infamous?) photoshoot with Penny Smith, then photographer on the NME music paper (back when it was an 'inky'!). The Slits played in mud in a garden, semi-naked, wearing only loin-cloths. Considering the images of women surrounding us now, the photos are quaintly chaste! But they created a furore at the time!

Good to find it again!

In the garden; the potatoes are in the ground; the peas are in; and I'm awaiting plants from....sunflower, pumpkin, sweet-peas, tomato seeds!
I'm looking out for some seeds of the WELD plant. I'd like to grow more plants that I can use for dyeing.

The fabric I dyed last Tuesday on the textiles course, is still drying. The bundles are plonked on the top of the fire. Am looking forward to seeing the results!

I've still got the packet of WOAD dye to experiment with; I got it as a Xmas present.

The summer will be a  time of experiment and change!    

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