an artists' view

an artists' view

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Heritage Open Day @ Westgate Chapel

Yesterday was a bright sunny day, perfect weather to visit Westgate Chapel, and help with their opening for the Heritage Day. The grounds are managed as a wildlife space; below the rowan tree, are these teazels. Teazels were used as 'combs' in the woollen industry.

The Chapel catacombs were open, and I managed to go down and have a peek inside. Despite the sun shining down through the grating (where the coffins would've been slid down) and the minimal lighting from the overhead light, it was a gloomy, and gothick atmosphere. Very spooky.

And here are gas mantles; the Chapel would have been lit by gas originally. These features from past times, add to the atmosphere of the catacombs.
A couple who were having a look round, asked, what would be better? To be placed in these brick tombs forever, or to be buried under the earth? I answered....'No contest, under the earth!' 

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