an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Heritage Open Days

This weekend is when the annual Heritage Open Days take place. Various buildings throughout Britain open up so we have the opportunity to see inside places where we might not normally have access.
Westgate Chapel is opening its doors to the public, so I've volunteered to go down and spend the afternoon helping.
I'm hoping to get a chance to visit the catacombs; in all the years I've been involved with the Chapel, I've never managed to see them, so cross my fingers for today!

Scarborough is having a number of open day events. Including, next Thursday, a special day about Star Carr! Sadly work commitments mean I won't be able to make that, which is very frustrating.
But the information leaflet has photographs of 2 of the antler frontlets which were found there. These are what make the site so significant.

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