an artists' view

an artists' view

Friday, 7 September 2012

'nature print'

Interestingly, as we moved into the digital age to create photos, and the old way of making photographs using darkroom, and rolls of film has been overtaken, there has also been an interest in making photos using 'non-digital' methods!
Above is an example of something called 'nature prints', which is basically placing objects on top of photographic paper, and exposing it to light. Instead of using an enlarger as a light source, these sheets are exposed to sunlight, and then washed in water.
We used to call them 'photograms' many years ago when I was studying art at college.

It's very low-tech, which I actually like....a lot.
I used it with a group I worked with. The results were variable. I'd done this beforehand, and exposed it in direct sun. This works much better than diffused light.
The group saw lots of images in it; an anchor; a sea; waves.
I like the subtle shapes and tones, and the ambiguity of it. I'll do another one. And we'll make another attempt with the group; when there is more sunlight shining through the windows.


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