an artists' view

an artists' view

Friday, 18 January 2013

snow.....the white stuff

It's snowing again. A fine, sparkly snow, unlike the wet flakes we had earlier in the week. This is settling, and covering everything with a glittering white blanket. 
I'm hoping to get out in it tomorrow, and take some photos.
Today I've been seated indoors; reading; stitching; drinking tea; keeping warm. Entertained by the cats' puzzlement when they come in wailing, wondering why I can't make it warmer for them outside!
The winter of 2019/2010 was a snowy one; I took the photo above of a frozen berry in my garden. And the one below is the view from my studio at Westgate Studios, the same year. 
Over in the distance is Emley Moor mast. Whenever I travel I always know I'm close to home when I see the mast! It's quite a landmark.

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