an artists' view

an artists' view

Saturday, 19 January 2013

winter wonderland

The fence below the railway embankment close to where I live; circa 2009. The flakes then were the big fluffy ones, so we got deep, deep drifts of snow. Deeper than my walking boots, so I often got wet ankles when I was out in it. It's not  so deep this time, for which I am thankful.
Wales and the south-west of England have been having a tough time; power cuts etc. Wakefield is on a river plain; a flood plain, so we don't have the hills to catch the snow, as the Pennines do. It tends to melt away fairly fast.
Geography and geology are fascinating subjects. And help us understand what's going on in our locality.

Though the national weather forecast is for snow over most of Britain, local conditions vary according to the geology. Wakefield the town, is fairly flat, although the District of Wakefield has hills around it. We are like the bottom of a bowl, where the river runs through; and small hills rising up from the base. And small outcrops at various spots creating a lumpy landscape.

The embankment creates its own micro-climate, of slope, and flat fields. And the ever-present beck, draining the water away to the River Calder, and ultimately, to the sea.

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